Spectrum Blue Open Crown Headwrap


Your fashion accessories can make or break your fashion game. And that's why we're bringing the best accessories to adorn your head.

OJ Styles is here with handpicked headscarves and headbands for you to choose from. Made from 100% cotton fabric and boasting authentic African prints, the headscarves come in a variety of colors. Not looking to cover your entire head? The specially designed headbands are here to your rescue.  

The headbands and wraps are all about utility and comfort. You can match your headwear with your dress for a signature moment at a party.

  •  Dimensions: 44 x 8 inches
  • Ships in 2 -3 business days. How to wear head wraps is easy once you find the right one for your style. Please note that the photos are for style inspiration only. The fabric does not come pre-wrapped. You may receive another cut of the fabric than shown on the photo.